Chalene Johnson
Chalene Johnson grew up in Michigan. At just the age of 3 Chalene began taking dance classes. From that very young age Chalene had a passion for music and dance. Her mother, who was a Jazzercise instructor, was a major influence on Chalene's life.

After graduating college at Michigan State, Chalene moved to California. She took her passions of dance and decided to start a group exercise class that included hip hop, funk, dance, kickboxing all set to motivating and exciting music. What started out as a fun way to get in shape would soon turn into a phenomenon. Chalean Johnson would make her mark on the fitness industry, but she wanted to do things different than ever before.

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Chalean JohnsonChalene was not happy with exercises that did not target the problem areas in her body and most people's bodies, mainly the core. She has always believed that exercise should be fun and people should have a smile on their face while exercising. So with that mentality Chalene, who is a music junkie and "closet DJ", began to edit the music she used to create beats and rhythms that she could choreograph her exercise moves too. Her high intensity and highly fun workout classes quickly became very popular and soon there was a demand nationwide for her fitness videos.

Chalene and her husband started a company that certifies fitness junkies to teach her format, and to date they have certified over 50,000 instructors who have taken Chalene's fitness programs to their towns to help thousands of people get in shape with a smile on their face.

Not only does Chalene teach fitness, but she is also a very sought after motivational speaker who focuses on more then just fitness. Family life, becoming a better wife or husband, what it is to be a friend, co-worker and mom or dad are things she inspires hundreds to do. Chalene does not just walk the walk either. She is sure to always make time for her two children and husband in the midst of her busy schedule and high demand.

Chalene Johnson's most popular workout video is called Turbo Jam. Turbo Jam, released in 2005, has sold more then 4.5 million copies to date. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 Chalene was voted a finalist by the World IDEA and Fitness as instructor of the Year. Only 3 people a year get nominated. In 2008 Chalene Johnson released her highly anticipated workout called ChaLean Extreme. This new program has already exploded and it said to be one of the best new at home workout videos ever made.

Stay tuned as Chalene Johnson continues to rock the fitness market and who knows she may someday speak in your city or town.

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