Want Quality, 100% Unique Content
for your Fitness Website?

...For FREE?

We at ExtremeHomeWorkout want to Give You Free Content for your fitness related website. We have a team of writers(from America and who's first language is English.) who write quality content for fitness websites every day.

Website content can be extremely time consuming to write or cost a big chunk of money to buy.

With our system you get, FOR FREE, quality and unique content that you can use it on your website or blog. On top of that we only give the content to YOUR website so it is 100% unique content. Google loves unique content so as soon as you claim your content from us we guarantee to never give that content to anyone else... EVER.

If you go pull an article from an article directory then you will have the same duplicate content that hundreds of other websites have. And Google Hates duplicate content.

You are probably thinking, "What is in it for us at ExtremeHomeWorkout?" Good question.

1. First of all... We want to get good quality content out on the internet, written by authors who are actively in the fitness world everyday. Not written by someone in India who's third language is English. Furthermore, if that content is unique to your website it has a much higher probability that Google will index and rank your page in the search engine results page. This will greatly benefit you with more traffic and in turn benefit us because of #2.

2. Secondly, the 100% unique quality content we give you will have two links, one in the body and one in the footer. We ask that you simply leave this links in the content... Thats it. They will be inconspicious and draw no extra attention to them.

If you pull an article from an article site you legally have to keep the links in tact... BUT you are also sharing that content with hundreds of other websites. Good luck getting Google to notice that content on your site! With our content we ask you simply keep the links in, and in return we guarantee the content will be 100% unique to your website.

How can you be sure the content will really be 100% unique?
First of all we want that page of your site to get good traffic so in turn we benefit from that traffic. Secondly Google downgrades the value of article distribution links. Which means if Google finds the same content all over the internet with the same links, those links are not that valuable to Google and therefor do not help SEO rankings as much. So you can be assured it only hurts us to use the content more than once.

It does not matter if you have an established website, or a new blog... you may qualify for our Unique Fitness Website Content Program.

To get more information fill out the form below and we'll send you all the details of how the program works and how you can get your free content ASAP. We will let you know if your website is eligible for our program.

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